Saudi Customs prevented the entry of trucks coming and locomotives and trans that do not comply with the standard specifications concerning the status of the protection barriers

In light of the coordination with the Saudi Standards, Metrology and Quality Saudi Customs showed that as of the date of 07/01/1437 H corresponding to 04/08/2016 m will prevent the entry of trucks and locomotives coming or cross the territory and Trailers
Saudi Arabia, as well as imported, whether new or used, which do not comply with the standard specifications.

The professor said Eisa Al-Eisa adviser and spokesman for the Saudi Customs has been a mechanism to organize and implement the Saudi technical regulations for barriers in the Trucks and Trailers, complying with number "2012: SASO GSO2112 put"

-alsearat- Front protection for trucks and methods tested barriers, as well as specification number "2012: SASO GSO2113" -alsearat- side protection for trucks, trailers and methods of testing and the specification number "2012: SASO GSO2114 barriers" Auto-rear protection barriers for trucks, trailers and methods tested and issued by the Authority Saudi standards, Metrology and quality.

The spokesman for the Saudi Customs on the importance of applying the Saudi technical regulations will prevent the transit of trucks and trailers that do not comply with these regulations, and the protection of small vehicles and prevented from entering the bottom of the trucks and trailers when a collision and to reduce casualties and damage caused by it.